US Missionaries Gary & Tammie Webb

Who We Are

US Missionaries Webbs
US Missionaries Gary & Tammie Webb

OCJ Kids was established in 1992 with the mission and vision to, “Help raise teens to be equipped for every good work” through its after school assistance programs.

Founders Gary and Tammie Webb’s passion was to reach out to the growing population of unsupervised youth aged 12-18 who were gathering after school with nothing productive to occupy their time and who were being tempted by negative influences, including gangs, drugs, and violent behavior.

Gary and Tammie knew these youth were making choices that would impact the rest of their lives and were determined to establish a program to offer positive activities and adult mentors who would not only encourage them to take the “right path,” but could show them how through direct assistance and role modeling.

In 1994, OCJ hosted its first on campus after school program and in 1996, the first of eight off campus “Target Zone” community youth centers.

In 2006, OCJ Kids launched the Fostering Connections project, providing tools resources, life skills training, financial literacy, and caring adult mentors for foster youth living in group homes.Our long term goal is to connect every foster youth in America with a loving caring community and provide quality transitional housing, building a foundation of success.

Vision, Mission, Values and Promise

Our Mission

Youth Are Amazing! They hope, dream, challenge, learn and lay the groundwork for their future and ours. The education, experience and family values instilled in a teen will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Every day, youth in society are exposed to unhealthy and unstable futures. OCJ Kids’ Mission is to equip foster and at-risk youth by providing them tools, resources, and positive adult role models to succeed and excel in every area of life.

Our Vision

Connecting at-risk & foster youth with caring communities for support and assistance.

Creating a foundation of family for children and youth who have none.

Cultivating at-risk & foster youth with purpose, direction, faith, hope and a brighter future.


Core Values

Responsibility, Self Worth, Character, Hope, Purpose

Promise to America’s Youth

Protect (safe place, no fear environment)

Mentor (Caring adults to provide love, skills, encouragement, opportunities for internship)

Serve (Training opportunities, community outreach involvement)

Teach (Succeed in social, cultural, achievement motivation)

Healthy Future (Conflict resolution, abstinence teaching, hygiene)



Webb, G. & T., (2013). US Missions. Gary & Tammie Webb. Vol. 4 Issue 8.

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